So Many Color Choices – Which one should I choose??

Your home is your most visible and expensive possession right? So what color do you want to paint it? White! Nah… There are 15 million colors to choose from, but you wimp out and play it safe. Remember color is perhaps the most cost-effective and powerful tool in your decorating bag of tricks. Understand that there is absolutely no wrong color to use. Any color can be livable when the hue, value, intensity and lighting are correct.

Decided to give up white? Great! You are on your way now. Here you’ll find a few color combinations that can create wonders in your home. Choose the right one and ask your house painting contractor in New Jersey to go with your suggestions.

Analogous Colors: This plan uses three colors i.e. green, yellow-green, and yellow or blue-green, blue and purple. These colors are harmonious because the colors are closely related and your eye passes over them easily.

Complementary Colors: A complementary plan combines exact opposites; it balances warm and cool colors. Examples are the red and green of Christmas, blue and orange etc…

Triad Colors: Triads form complex, lively color plans, so controlling values and intensities is important. Examples of triad colors are a combination of red, blue and yellow, and another is orange, green and purple.

Monochromatic: In a monochromatic plan, one color is used in many values, intensities and textures so the mix stays lively and interesting.

Neutral: This plan uses white, grays, and black to build an elegant color palette. A neutral plan needs value, intensity, and textural contrast to be effective.

These are just a few color combinations that can make your interior and exterior house painting in New Jersey a grand success, giving you an appealing house.